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Zorrita tragando semen

Aqui teneis a una pelirroja muy guarra mamando la verga de su chico hasta sacarle jugo. Y, como era de esperar se traga el semen que su novio le da en la boca. Muy guapa la putilla de este video casero, os pondrá a cien.

Jueves, 02 de Septiembre de 2010 | Corridas | Comentarios (4) Leido 6557 veces

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Lunes, 01 de Agosto de 2011



I was looking everywhere and this pppoed up like nothing!



Martes, 02 de Agosto de 2011



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Jueves, 20 de Diciembre de 2012



seriously. I do appreciate your input and recepst your judgment. Alas, I'm just not into the concept of picking up a hot waitress for some thrills. Expenses aside, I have a wary nature. I mean, what if the waitress I pick up is something of an attitude cross between Jane Austin and the Cenobite chick from HELLRAISER? (Yeah, I know. Irrational fear', but sadly it's out there and just as real. That's probably why some waitresses are just as uneasy about picking up a customer. Doesn't want to be some Action News item Local Woman Missing. Police Baffled. . Same for me except for the woman part.) Call me overly cautious, but I'd like to know the woman before I decide to have a few laughs and maybe get laid, okay? (Not that I'm in any position to do so anyway. In my neck of the woods, all the hot waitresses are working in places I can't afford or are on the police's watch list for their colorful atmosphere.I know that's a lame excuse, but if I'm going out I would like to have some money left in my pocket, no knives in my back and no black eyes especially since I'm near-sighted to blind anyway.)Anyway, I honestly don't see the logic in going out with the woman who a few hours ago served your drinks and eats. It's creepy to me because it's almost like dating a co-worker or distant cousin. I mean, would a woman who gave you your Shirley Temple want to take a chance and get wild and crazy with you? I know the answer is Doesn't hurt to try. but past experiences say otherwise. (Besides, I've met some of those non-Waffle House waitresses off their workplaces. Last thing they want to deal with is a guy they've served or even a guy they hadn't served. They hang with their own crowd and sadly, it doesn't appeal to me. I have a sense for these things.)Suffice to say, any pointers on waitress dating would be useless to me. I'm peculiar, maybe too peculiar as far as my tastes in women go. Maybe I'm too aloft or expecting too much or wanting something that's unrealistic, but that's my balls in the court, my friend. I do hope you understand and recepst my position. Again, thank you for your candor and advice. I'm sorry to say I won't be able to use it.



Sábado, 22 de Diciembre de 2012



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